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  1. 28 Aug14 notes

    An Eggleston moment in Japan. #eggleston #tricycle #jamesandmariadojapan (at Shinsekai)

  2. 26 Aug11 notes

    One frame left in my camera, I took a spontaneous portrait of the really nice Polish guy in Greenpoint who develops my film. I can never pronounce his name right but he’s usually pretty friendly.

    Greenpoint, Brooklyn | July 2014.

  3. 20 Aug5 notes

    Yeah, Iceland had some incredible landscapes for sure, but the people I met along the way left the best impression on me.

    Top, when I crushed my knuckle on a glacier, the guy in the suit jacket drove me to the nearest clinic.

    Bottom, we convinced our bus driver to ditch his whip and join us for a horseback ride.

  4. 18 Aug17 notes

    Cat’s out of the bag: Maria and I went to the courthouse in Chicago and got hitched. Besides Judge Rivers, my camera was the only other witness to our wedding.

  5. 14 Aug13 notes

    Late one night, guided by the midnight sun, I followed a path leading to a hidden waterfall close to our campsite at Skaftafell. I had to take a leak and wandered off the path and into a field of flowers. After I zipped up my jeans I stood in this spot for a while, admiring the mountains and enjoying the silence, and thinking to myself how fortunate I am to be on this planet.

  6. 14 Aug5 notes

    Black sand beach. Reynisdrangar | Iceland

  7. 14 Aug11 notes

    Iceland | July 2014

  8. 12 Aug7 notes

    Hydra, Greece | July 2014.

  9. 9 Aug8 notes

    Chicago wildlife, lately.

    And yes, Virginia, that’s totally a rat in mid-air.


  10. andrewlamberson:

    I used to think cover letters didn’t matter. Because of this, I always wrote the same thing. “I’d love to work at X Company because I have Y Skills. Here is my resume. Blah blah blah.”

    It went on like that for awhile. If you write a boring cover letter for a job you don’t care about, odds are…

    This is important and wish I could show photography-minor-can-I-make-a-living?-younger-me this.

  11. 5 Aug14 notes

    A Brooklyn rooftop still life | July 2014

  12. 2 Aug5 notes

    Light metering with main bae |Chicago, IL

  13. 1 Aug17 notes

    I was only in New York for a minute this summer, but still managed to see a lot of old friends. I took these photos with a borrowed Rolleiflex - thanks Pedro!

  14. 29 Jul6 notes

    Iceland, lately.

  15. 28 Jul17 notes

    The first time M Jackson visited NYC, she stayed in my miserable little railroad apartment in South Williamsburg. M, who grew up on a farm and spent much of her childhood in Alaska, looked out my window and onto my fire escape and asked “but… where do you keep your cattle?”

    Fast forward a few years, and now M, a cultural geographer and glaciologist is working primarily in Iceland where she studies the relationship Icelanders have with their countless glaciers, inevitable melting because of human activity, and that impact on their culture and livelihoods. Through our work with National Geographic, we’ve been able to hike up a glacial tongue of Vatnajökull and observe first hand, how alarmingly fast our glaciers are melting. Something that should happen on a geological scale, is observable in one human lifetime, and M has been personally watching this particular glacier recede over the years.

    Despite the drastic changes humanity has done to alter the landscape, M has a lot of hope that the human race will go on adapt to the changing world and somehow continue. I’m happy to share a leaky tent in the subarctic with this lady because her passion for the work she is doing is contagious.