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  1. 21 Jul27 notes

    Iceland, lately.

  2. 20 Jul3 notes

    In sickness and in health, on sunny days and rainy afternoons. I was one of a few witnesses to this couples quick and wet wedding overlooking Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland’s Golden Circle.

  3. 14 Jul8 notes

    Andy, in search of coffee and killing time in Bed-Stuy during a layover from Vietnam on his way back home to Los Angeles. 

  4. 13 Jul22 notes

    Maria, February 2014 | Chicago, IL

  5. 11 Jul7 notes

    While jumping off rocks in Napflio, I made a portrait of a cute Greek kid who was very interested in the photos I was taking. Six hours later, he pick-pocketed 15€ from my friend as we played frisbee in the town square. Bummer.

  6. 11 Jul2 notes

    Travel Advisory: Hey New York City, I’m gonna be in town until the 14th so if you wanna grab a coffee or beer, burn some film, complain about the G train, or do other new-yorkey things, let me know!

    Also, tonight is Manhattanhenge, so I’ll be out there trying to make photos if you wanna join.

  7. 9 Jul7 notes

    Hellenistic landscapes, Greece. 

  8. 9 Jul12 notes

    Pelopenesian still life | Greece.

  9. 8 Jul11 notes

    Archeology in the modern age. Greece. 

  10. 6 Jul7 notes

    Greece, it’s only been two days, but I already like your style.

  11. 2 Jul7 notes

    Still life with lemon while traveling along Italy’s Amalfi coast on our way to Capri.

  12. 30 Jun9 notes

    Italy, lately.

  13. 28 Jun10 notes

    Rome, lately.

  14. 23 Jun61 notes



    My American life doesn’t give me enough opportunities to fall asleep counting shooting stars but my brief stint in the Outback definitely did. 

    Throwback to freezing air, dusty swags, and Outback camping.

    Yes, I’m reblogging a reblog of an old post, but do you remember being a little kid and having those sticky glow-in-the-dark-stars on your ceiling?
    A year ago, this was the closest I got to those memories of childhood. There’s nothing like looking up at that southern sky and hearing dingoes cry out in the distance as you drift away. I’d do this again in a heartbeat.

  15. 23 Jun13 notes

    Joe and Maria after their job interviews | Chicago, IL